Telephone Service

Mechanicsville Telephone offers traditional phone services to both residential and business customers in urban and rural Mechanicsville. We offer a variety of calling features and long distance plans to best suit your individual needs.

Basic Phone Rates

Basic Phone Rates Charges per month
Residential $28.00 per line + taxes*
Business $28.00 per line + taxes*
Installation fee $17.00
New jack install $35.00

*Rates are subject to change.

Wire Maintenance

The Wire Maintenance service provides for the time and materials to repair or replace telephone wire located inside your home. Customers who subscribe to this service are charged a modest $2.50 fee per month. If Mechanicsville Telephone Company is called to your home for service or repairs, and no wire maintenance is held by the customer, repair or service charges will consist of a trip charge of $15.00 and/or materials and labor.


Custom Calling Features and Long Distance Plans

Custom Calling Features

Call Forwarding Package – $1.25/mo.
Allows calls to be transferred to any number from home.

Call Busy – $1.25/mo.
Allows calls to be forwarded to another number when your line is busy.

Call Forward/Don’t Answer – $1.25/mo.
Forwards your calls to another number after a specified number of unanswered rings.

Remote Call Forward – $1.25/mo.
Allows the customer to forward calls to another number without being present in the local area.

Call Waiting – $1.25/mo.
Alerts you when another call is waiting.

Three Way Calling – $1.25/mo.
Allows you to add a third party to your call without operator assistance.

Speed Dial 30 Numbers – $1.25/mo.
30 frequently used numbers are stored, then recalled by dialing two digits.

Ring Again – $1.25/mo.
Automatically redials a previously busy number once that number becomes free.

Warm Line – $1.25/mo.
Automatically dials after a 30 second delay, a pre-designated number when receiver is “off hook”.

Auto Line – $1.25/mo.
Dials a pre-selected number when the receiver goes “off hook”.

Telemarketer Screening – $3.00/mo.
Pre-recorded message to prohibit commercial solicitation calls.

Voicemail – $3.50/mo.
Automated messaging system in your telephone (must have call forwarding feature in order to operate Voice Mail).

3rd Number Denial – FREE
Blocks the ability to place long distance calls from another location other than your home and charge the call to your home phone.

900 Block – FREE
Blocks all 900 numbers from being dialed from your phone.

Calling Name & Number – $5.00/mo.
Displays calling name and number on caller ID unit.

Call Waiting Caller ID – $2.50/mo.
Allows you to see incoming calls with call waiting.

Caller ID with Call Waiting and Anonymous Call Rejection – $3.75/mo.
Allows incoming calls to be displayed as well as call waiting calls, but denies all anonymous calls termination.

Automatic Callback – $1.25/mo.
Allows you to call back the last incoming call with one easy step.

Automatic Recall – $1.25/mo.
Relays the number of your last incoming call.

Distinctive Ringing – $1.25/mo.
Allows you to pre-select numbers whose calls will ring through with a special ring. If you have call waiting, you will hear a special tone.

Select Call Rejection – $1.25/mo.
A pre-selected list of callers will be denied.

Select Call Acceptance – $1.25/mo.
Only calls from a pre-selected list will be allowed.

Select Call Forward – $1.25/mo.
Forwards selected numbers to different location.

Anonymous Call Rejection – $1.25/mo.
Blocks incoming calls from callers who have blocked their numbers from being displayed on caller ID. These callers will hear an announcement that you don’t accept anonymous calls.