The best WiFi…included with our 250 Mbps Internet

By subscribing to 250 Mbps Internet from Mechanicsville Telephone Company, you can enjoy a Plume membership at no additional charge!* Plume can be added to other plans starting at just $4.99 per month. To get started, contact our office to enroll and then download the Plume App.

A Plume membership consists of a smart home super bundle featuring:

  • Plume Adaptive WiFi™ –Fast, reliable, and consistent Internet throughout the home
  • AI Security™ –Safe and secured devices, worry-free browsing, and no advertisements
  • HomePass® –Parental controls and guest access with unparalleled capabilities
  • Plume Motion™ –Detect movement in your home, just by measuring Wi-Fi signals

Plume App
These features are all available at the touch of a button through the highly rated Plume App. Say hello to great services that transform your smart home experience –all delivered from the cloud and enabled by Plume’s beautiful Super Pod Wi-Fi access points.

*Includes two SuperPods™ per account. More may be needed depending on the size of your home. 

Features/Benefits of Plume Services

Plume Adaptive WiFi™
Never a dull moment! Walk room-to-room on a FaceTime call, stream your favourite 4K content or download a large work file – all at the same time. Using breakthrough cloud-based technology powered by AI, Plume provides you with full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity where and when you need it.

Getting smarter all the time
Unlike other mesh network systems, Plume continuously learns about your Internet needs and performs advanced self-optimisations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most. And it gets better each day!

Whole-home coverage
Add extra SuperPods depending on the size of your home.

Online Protection
Plume filters out suspicious content as your devices connect to the Internet, providing you with real-time threat protection against crypto-mining, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets, phishing attacks and more.

Advanced IoT Protection™
Plume identifies all your connected devices and continuously monitors them for suspicious activity. If a device is compromised, Plume quarantines the device, preventing the threat from spreading to rest of your connected devices.

Plume blocks the ad content coming from known ad servers, significantly improving your browsing experience.

Parental Controls
Make the internet a safer place by managing the type of content that each device or profile can access. Additionally, approve or block specific websites per device or profile to keep your family safe.

Internet Freeze
Going offline is sometimes a good habit! Schedule an Internet freeze, give a time out to a specific device or person and monitor their levels of Internet usage.


Home all access
Give full home Wi-Fi access to people you implicitly trust. This will allow their devices to interact with all other connected devices in your home.

Limited Guest Access
Create custom passwords for each guest and then choose which connected devices—like printers, TVs, security cameras or thermostats— they can access to make them feel instantly at home.

Internet Only Access
Devices with Internet only Wi-Fi passwords will only be connected to the Internet and not any of the connected devices in your home.

Plume Motion

Whole-home awareness
Now your wireless devices work together to detect movement in your home, just by measuring Wi-Fi signals – and they alert you via the Plume app. Which means peace of mind, privacy, and no need to buy new equipment.


Plume’s beautifully designed SuperPods plug into existing power outlets throughout your home.

Download the Plume App as soon as soon as you’ve signed-up.

Manage your network like a pro
As people and devices come and go in your house, Plume lets you see which devices are accessing the Internet and how much they’re uploading or downloading. You can block and unblock specific devices from accessing the Internet.

Device usage and management
A tap on each device provides insights into the signal strength and bandwidth consumption. You can also see which Plume pod it’s connected to.

Daily insights to fine tune your set up
The Plume App delivers daily reports on your home Wi-Fi signal strength and network activity. Get placement tips that help you fine tune your wireless network based on the ways you’re using it.

Magically simple to set up
Plug Plume in and let the system go to work. Plume recognises all of your devices, identifies the flow of traffic, and starts to optimise your home network. The Plume app helps you manage the setup with a few quick taps.

Wi-Fi that knows the whole family
Who’s playing games? Watching TV? Streaming music? With the ability to keep track of which devices are on your network and how people are using them, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind at home.